Hot New Books

July 22nd, 2014

…for a hot, hot week.

Full Fathom Five, Max Gladstone
Seeders, A.J. Colucci

Trade Paperback
More Than This, Patrick Ness
Ace Of Skulls, Chris Wooding
Eye Of Minds, James Dashner
Fall Of Five, Pittacus Lore
Silent History, Eli Horowitz

Mass Market
The Troop, Nick Cutter
Poison Promise, Jennifer Estep
Second Nature, David Mack


Ben’s Birthday Sale!

July 21st, 2014

It’s Ben’s birthday, so we’re having a sale! It’s a pretty good sale, too. We have a clearance table full of books: you can fill a bag for just $5.

That’s right, a whole bag of books for $5. Of course, there’s some fine print. Like:
- we’ll give you the bag.
- if it rips, we’ll give you another.
- if that one rips, consider getting two bags
- you can only fill your bag from the clearance table. But that table is filled with Very Cool Books in excellent condition. And we’ll refresh it regularly.
- the sale runs right through to the end of Sunday July 27th.


So… About This Website…

July 18th, 2014

We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulty at the moment — every page but this one comes up as a 404 error. Erm. Our apologies. We’re aware of the problem and trying to fix it, but until we do, here are some basics you might need:

Store hours:  Monday-Friday, 11-7 / Saturday 11-6 / Sunday 12-5

Store address: 84 Harbord St. (just west of the NW corner of Harbord & Spadina). We’re a 5 minute walk south from Spadina station.

Contact info:  416-963-9993   OR



Most Of This Week’s New Books

July 16th, 2014

(except for the ones that will probably arrive ten minutes after I post this. OF COURSE.)

Half A King, Joe Abercrombie
Long Mars, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
Book Of Life, Deborah Harkness
Ninja Red Riding Hood, Corey Rosen Schwartz
Shadow’s Curse, Amy McCulloch
Seconds, Bryan Lee O’Malley
Last Orders, Harry Turtledove
Dr. Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks, Justin Richards

Trade Paperback
Year’s Best Science Fiction Vol #31, Gardner Dozois, ed.
Rebel Spring, Morgan Rhodes
Queen Of The Tearling, Erika Johansen
Wells Bequest, Polly Shulman
Fist Of Demetrius, William King
Through The Woods, Emily Carroll
World Of Trouble, Ben Winters
Doomed, Chuck Palahniuk
Outsorcerer’s Apprentice, Tom Holt
Raven Flight, Juliet Marillier
Raising Hell, Norman Spinrad
Eleanor, Johnny Worthen
Help For The Haunted, John Searles

Books For A Soggy Tuesday

July 8th, 2014

Hurricane Fever, Tobias S. Buckell
All Those Vanished Engines, Paul Park
My Teacher Is A Monster!, Peter Brown
String Diaries, Stephen Jones Lloyd
California, Edan Lepucki
High Druid’s Blade, Terry Brooks
Little Green Book Of Chairman Rahma, Brian Herbert
Midnight Thief, Livia Blackburne
Plunder Of Souls, D.B. Jackson
Tomorrow’s Kingdom, Maureen Fergus
Unwept, Tracy Hickman

Trade Paperback
Fiefdom, Dan Abnett
Kings And Queens Of Roam, Daniel Wallace
Master Of Sanctity, Gav Thorpe
Starglass, Phoebe North
In Dark Service, Stephen Hunt
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, April Genevieve Tucholke
Executioner’s Heart, George Mann
How To Survive A Sharknado, Andrew Shaffer


Child Of A Hidden Sea

July 5th, 2014

Next Saturday, July 12th, we’re pleased to present the launch for A.M. Dellamonica’s new book Child Of A Hidden Sea. Please join us here at 3:30 to share in the fun. Meet the author! Discover an amazing book! Nom some cookies!

We’re looking forward to having you. If you can’t make the event but want a signed copy, just let us know.


New Books Day (Plus One)

July 2nd, 2014

The holiday means we were delayed a day with the new books but that’s okay because I went swimming! In the lake! Which almost made up for the air trying its best to kill me!

Rhesus Chart, Charles Stross
Elisha Magus, E.C.Ambrose
Shadow Throne, Django Wexler
The City, Dean Koontz
Copper Magic, Julia Mary Gibson
Monster Hunter Nemesis, Larry Correia
Shattering The Ley, Joshua Palmatier
Tower Lord, Anthony Ryan
Wolfsbane, Gillian Philip

Trade Paperback
Women Destroy Science Fiction!, Christie Yant, ed.
Archetype, M.D. Waters
The Feros, Wesley King
Glass Sentence, S.E. Grove
Hostage Prince, Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple
One Giant Leap, Robert Burleigh
Madonna And The Starship, James Morrow
Seat Of Magic, J. Kathleen Cheney
This Movie Will Require Dinosaurs, C.W. Neill
Ghosts Of Time, Steve White
Great King, Christian Cameron

Mass Market
Happy Hour In Hell, Tad Williams
How The White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back, Diana Rowland
Possession, Kat Richardson
Premonitions, Jamie Schultz
Third Kingdom, Terry Goodkind
Thousand Names, Django Wexler
Blood Song, Anthony Ryan
Neptune’s Brood, Charles Stross
Vicky Peterwald:Target, Mike Shepherd


Canada Day

June 30th, 2014

We will be open today, Monday June 30th, and on Wednesday, July 2nd. But tomorrow, July 1st, Bakka Phoenix will be closed so the staff can celebrate Canada Day in true Toronto style (e.g. wishing we were at a friend’s cottage).

Have a great holiday, and be safe: remember, only morons drink and drive.

Don’t Forget!

June 27th, 2014

Tomorrow, Saturday June 28th, we’ll be hosting author Amanda Sun for the launch of Rain, the new book in her ‘Paper Gods’ series. We’d love for you to join us here at 3pm for conversation, snacks and all sorts of bookery goodness.



June 24th, 2014


So that “we’ve got lights!” thing was unfortunately a little optimistic. The upshot? Tonight’s KEVIN HEARNE EVENT has been moved to the downstairs of the Toronto Public Library’s Merril Collection at 239 College Street at 7pm.

Same Bat Time, Different Bat Location: C’mon out and help us celebrate the release of SHATTERED, and meet the creator of everyone’s favourite modern-day druid.

We’d love for you to join us. If you can’t make the party but would like a signed copy, let us know in the comments.

  • Child Of A Hidden Sea
    July 12, 2014 3:30 pm
    January 1, 1970 12:00 am
  • Sun and Rain
    June 28, 2014 3:00 pm
  • Kevin Hearne!
    June 24, 2014 7:00 pm
  • Lesley Livingston, Live And In Person!
    May 29, 2014 7:30 pm