Ben’s Birthday Sale

July 21st, 2016

Ben’s birthday is coming up next week. To celebrate, we’re having a sale!

We’re bringing back our $5/bag clearance table (you give us five bucks; we give you a bag to fill). This year, all graphic novels will also be 25% off.

The sale will run all week, July 24th-30th, and we’ll replenish the clearance table as often as necessary.

Need Somthing To Blot Out The Hideous Cloud Of RNC Coverage?

July 19th, 2016

Have some new books. That should help ease the pain.

Dragon Round, Stephen S. Power
Hidden Universe, Star Trek, Dayton Ward
Secret Language Of Stones, M.J. Ward
ST: Redshirt’s Little Book Of Doom, Robb Pearlman
Fallout: Hot War, Harry Turtledove
Flying, Carrie Jones

Trade Paperback
Monstress, Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda
Court Of Fives, Kate Elliott
Ambition, Tanaka Yoshiki
Ghost Run, J.L. Bourne
Stranded, Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Plagues Of Orath, Cavan Scott
The Race, Nina Allan
Meatheads, Noah Wareness
Santa’s Eleven Months Off, Mike Reiss & Michael G. Montgomery
Twenty Trillion Leagues Under The Sea, Adam Roberts


Hot Weather, Cool Store

July 13th, 2016

As long as the city is sweltering under heat warnings, we’ll have ice water available at the store for anyone who wants it.

No obligation, just feel free to drop in and cool off.

New This Week

July 12th, 2016

Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator, Claudia Christian & Margan Grant Buchanan
Star Wars: Life Debt, Chuck Wendig
Necessity, Jo Walton
Time Siege, Wesley Chu
Arabella of Mars, David D. Levine
Stars Askew, Rjurik Davidson
The Devourers, Indra Das
Last One, Alexandra Oliva

Trade Paperback
Land of the Shiver Barrens, Glenda Larke
Stallo, Stefan Spjut
Big Book of Science Fiction, Jeff & Ann Vandermeer
Sorcerer to the Crown, Zen Cho
Hundred Names of Darkness, Nilanjana Roy
Red Queen, Christina Henry
Drowned Worlds, Jonathan Strahan, editor
Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Paul Kane
Deceptions, Kelley Armstrong
Year 200, Agustin De Rojas
Nightmare Charade, Mindee Arnett
It Happened One Doomsday, Laurence MacNaughton
Rebel Mechanics, Shanna Swendson
Last Ever After, Soman Chainani
Iron Assassin, Ed Greenwood

Mass Market Paperback
RCU: Spirit Animals, E.E. Richardson


Brand New Books

July 5th, 2016

This Savage Song, Victoria Schwab
Dinosaur Knights, Victor Milan
The Hatching, Ezekiel Boone
Underground Airline, Ben Winters
Wolf Road, Beth Lewis
Alliance Of Equals, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Last Adventure Of Constance Verity, A. Lee Martinez
Threading The Needle, Joshua Palmatier
Waking Fire, Anthony Ryan
Night Of The Animals, Bill Broun

Trade Paperback
Prisoner Of Hell Gate, Dana Wolff
Unbreakable, W.C. Bauers
The Unnoticeables, Robert Brockway
Year’s Best Science Fiction: 33rd Annual, Gardner Dozois, editor
Copper Promise, Jen Williams
High Ground, Melinda Snodgrass
Heroine Complex, Sarah Kuhn
After Alice, Gregory Maguire
Departure, A.G. Riddle
Killing Titan, Greg Bear

Mass Market
Conclave Of Shadows, Alyc Helms
The Interminables, Paige Orwin
Aeronaut’s Windlass, Jim Butcher
Transference Engine, Julia Verne St. John

It’s PRIDE Weekend…

July 2nd, 2016
…Which means it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy the weekend (and remember your sunscreen).
This year in particular, we’re so glad you’re here.

Canada Day

June 30th, 2016

We’ll be closed tomorrow, Friday July 1st, for Canada Day.

Have a great time, and remember: only morons drink & drive.


Glad Day

June 29th, 2016

Our friends (and former neighbours) at Glad Day are moving, and they could use a little help. Please check out their Indigogo campaign:

New Books Make Things Better

June 28th, 2016

(at least, that’s the plan…)

Perdition Score, Richard Kadrey
Big Sheep, Robert Kroese
Fifty Year Mission, Edward Gross
Seascape Tattoo, Larry Niven
Icon, Genevieve Valentine
Age Of Myth, Michael J. Sullivan
Saint’s Blood, Sebastien De Castell

Trade Paperback
The Binding, Nicholas Wolff
Dark Side, Anthony O’Neill
Lisey’s Story, Stephen King
Slade House, David Mitchell

Mass Market
Ocean At The End Of The Lane, Neil Gaiman
Elsewhens, Melanie Rawn
Call To Duty, Timothy Zahn
Long Time Until Now, Michael Z. Williamson
The Unnaturalists, Tiffany Trent
Anti-Hero, Jonathan Wood
Hot Lead, Cold Iron, Ari Marmell
Wastelands 2, John Joseph Adams, editor
Bombs Away, Harry Turtledove
First Confessor, Terry Goodkind
Taste Of Blood Wine, Freda Warrington
Eternal World, Christopher Farnsworth

In The Words Of Edward Keenan:

June 24th, 2016

“…Simple howling resentment is not a substitute for the complicated, difficult, nuanced work of fixing the system that produced it.”

(Toronto Star, Apr 3/16)

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