Not So Good News

This week, which has been full of less-than-pleasant news, was just capped with the announcement that Canadian book distributor H.B. Fenn has begun bankruptcy proceedings. Not only does this mean a lot of people we know and care about suddenly out of work, but also that Tor Books currently has no Canadian distributor.

To be clear, Tor itself is not affected. Their books are still being published; their backlist still exists. We just need to find another way to get their books out of the US and into our store.

We’re not the only ones working on this problem. Very Senior publishing people are making plans and striking deals. But it does mean that for the next few weeks, our ability to get Tor books will be somewhat impaired. Most of the February new releases have arrived, but special orders will take longer than usual.

We will get all the Tor books. But for the next little while, it’ll happen less smoothly than we’d like. So bear with us, ‘kay?

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