Good News! Well, news, anyway.

You may have heard: Bantam has announced that George R.R. Martin’s long* overdue novel A Dance With Dragons will hit shelves this summer. July 12, 2011, to be exact.

Our take on the subject is one third “Yay!” and two thirds “Like we’ve never heard that before”. But we placed an immediate order anyway. If you’ve ever asked us to reserve a copy for you, rest assured your reservation still exists. If you’d like to make one, have at.

*long, long, long, ten more longs, long

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  1. Billiac says:

    Now if they can just get GRRM to finish those last five chapters…

  2. brashley46 says:

    Got my copy of Movie Entertainment in the mail yesterday; I see that the “Game Of Thrones” series is going to be on HBO starting 17 April. Let’s see how well they do it …not holding my breath, but at least they’ve got Peter Dinklage to play Tyrion Lannister.

    I’m going to have to reread at least the first novel real soon now.

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