Tomorrow is GRRMDay!

After dozens of missed deadlines, umpteen false announcements, and years of frustrated hopes, George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons will finally hit shelves on Tuesday July 12th.

That’s tomorrow.

In honour of GRRMDay, Bakka Phoenix Books will open early and stay open late.  We’ll be here at 9am tomorrow, and will stay open until at least 8pm.  If you reserved a copy of the book, it will be behind the counter waiting for you.  If you didn’t, well, we’ll have copies for you too.

3 Responses to “Tomorrow is GRRMDay!”

  1. QuickBen says:


    Why not do a midnight release tonight?

    Chapters/Indigo is only doing ONE midnight release party (in Ottawa), meanwhile the rest of the world is doing some sorts of Midnight release party (I think Waterstones is doing a bunch of them, like HP).

    Seems like a missed opportunity to steal some business from the big guys…

    …especially considering that your “opening early” hour is 9AM…and all the Chapters/Indigo’s in the city are opening at 8AM beating you by an hour. If someone wants to pick a copy up before work they are going to be more inclined to grab it from Chapters than wait another hour for you guys to open.

    I dunno, I doubt there is another book on the horizon that will garner as much of a reason for a midnight release party, and since Chapters/Indigo seems to be underestimating the fanbase (and our long wait) this would have been an ideal time to get Bakkaphoenix on the bigger Toronto map.

    Food for thought.

  2. Chris Szego says:

    It was our original idea, but when e floated the midnight idea to a number of our customers, we got no takers.

  3. QuickBen says:

    Huh. Weird.

    Among my friends there is like 20 of us that would have gone, but we discovered that no one was doing one. When I saw that Chapters wasn’t I assumed you guys might.

    Ah well.

    I’ll buy it at 8AM then.

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