Is it just me, or has this week been subpar?  Dark and damp, full of riots, and rife with financial hysteria… gah!   To keep the gloom from mounting even higher, here’s a list of some more cheeful news items.

- The Ontario peaches are out.  They’re smaller than the imports, but MUCH more delicious
- Chiaroscuro Reading Series will host The Unholy Three tomorrow night at the Augusta House (8pm, 152 Augusta Ave).  You should come out!
- The lawns and parks are beginning to recover their lushness.  Go, rain!
- Soma opened a chocolicious outpost at King and Bathurst, where you can get their Mayan hot chocolate over ice.
- My tiny niece learned how to say “Hi!” and blow kisses.
- tomorrow night’s the finale for So You Think You Can Dance (the US version).  I’m rooting for Melanie… I think.  You?
- In case you haven’t heard it already, Samuel L. Jackson narrates Go the F*ck to Sleep (by Adam Mansbach)

More good news?  Please share.

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