Adventures in Ordering Books

(A fairly accurate* account of a conversation between Bakka Phoenix Books and A Publisher)

BPB:  Hi, where are our books?  We need them for tomorrow. Can you track the shipment?
Pub:  (checks) CanPar** said they couldn’t find you.
BPB:  I find that odd, since they managed to find us earlier this morning.
Pub:  (checks again)  You weren’t on Queen Street.
BPB:  No, we’re on Harbord.  We moved last October.  Which you know, because A) we informed you in writing when we moved, and B) you’ve sent us books since then.  Several times.
Pub:  No we didn’t.
BPB:  Yes, you did (provides list of books sent, complete with invoices and dates).
Pub:  (pause) But you’re not on Queen Street anymore.  So CanPar couldn’t find you.  You need to let us know when you move.
BPB:  We did.  As previously mentioned, you have shipped us books on many occasions this past year.
Pub:  So you’re not on Queen Street anymore?

It was a stellar moment in business communications, let me tell you.

*Names have been changed to protect the stupid (ie: them).
**CanPar is a delivery company;  they handle most of the major publishers.

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