Rob Likes…

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

It’s 2044, and Wade Watts is just a kid who deals with his life by escaping to OASIS – a virtual utopia which everyone uses to block out the shoddy condition of the real world.  OASIS gives kids schooling, adults jobs, and most of all, provides entertainment.  But when Wade finds and solves the first puzzle of ‘Halliday’s Easter Egg Hunt’ (which promises the winner the power and fortune of James Halliday, creator of OASIS), he’s suddenly caught in a war between those who want that clout for the people, and those who want it for the corporations.  Along the way he makes and loses friends, finds love, unlocks secrets, and discovers more about himself.


This Dark Endeavour, by Kenneth Oppel

Oppel takes a shot at the Frankenstein story, and hits it spot on.  The characters are loveable, detestable, and easily sympathized with, while the story keeps you hooked until the last page.  It’s an Oppel novel, which means it’s geared more towards the late-teen/young adult market, but this is a book anyone can enjoy.



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