Chris Recommends…

A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness
A monster comes to Conor’s room at midnight.  He comes to tell stories, and to ask for one in return.  The only requirement is that all the stories be true… Beautifully written, this is also a physically gorgeous book, powerful and perfect.  And it’s heartbreakingly moving, in a way that is less about sorrow than it is about surgery.  Sometimes, you just have to hurt before you can heal.  Ness is a genius.

The Floating Islands, by Rachel Neumeier
Orphaned by a horrific disaster, Trei joins his mother’s family on the flying islands.  There he finds his purpose in life: to become one of the Kajurahi, the men who fly with magical wings.  He also finds his cousin Araene, whose own destiny is more powerful and dangerous that she’d ever imagined.  Stunning is style and scope, this book is about flight, grief, magic, identity and cooking.  It’s wonderful, and highly, highly recommended.



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