Glad That’s Over

2011 is almost over, and frankly, it can’t end soon enough.  Too many disasters, too many funerals, too much bad news all around.  But that being said, every year has some grace notes.  Here, in no particular order, are some of our high points.  Please feel free to add your own:  2011 can use all the help it can get.

A)  World class chocolatier Soma opened a second location at King West.  That alone was good news, but then good friends introduced me to the the glory that is their Mayan hot chocolated served over ice.  Best summer drink ever!

B)  The near-tropical weather over Thanksgiving.  I went swimming every day that weekend.  In Lake Ontario.  In October!

C)  Seeing Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.  It was gigantic, web-slinging, superbowl-excess-type fun, with some excellent performances.  You’re laughing, but I know that deep down, you’re jealous.

D) George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons actually came out.  And it had words all the way through, and stuff.  Amazing.  We’d been more than half-convinced it was an urban myth.

E)  The ‘jeans’ scene in Thor.  You know the scene I’m talking about.

Here’s looking forward to a brighter New Year.  Have fun, and remember:  only total idiots drink and drive.

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