New Books

We have so many new books to post that decided to break the list into three parts.  First up:

Mass Market
Discount Armageddon, Seanan McGuire
Nightborn, Lynn Viehl
Doubletake, Rob Thurman
Betrayer, C.J. Cherryh
Twilight’s Dawn, Anne Bishop
Fated, Benedict Jacka
Timeless, Gail Carriger
Don’t Kill the Messenger, Eileen Rendahl
Crippled God, Steven Erikson
Exogene, T.C. McCarthy
Dead Harvest, Chris F. Holm
How To Be Death, Amber Benson
Kingdom Beseiged, Raymond E. Feist
Singularity, Ian Douglas
Black Howl, Christina Henry
Overkill, Robert Buettner
Kings of Morning, Paul Kearney
Shadow Chaser, Alexey Pehov
Gravity Pilot, M.M. Buckner
Burn Me Deadly, Alex Bledsoe
Vortex, Robert Charles Wilson
White-Luck Warrior, R. Scott Bakker
Darkening Skies, Juliet E. McKenna

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