Books A Plenty

We’ve received a lot of new books in the past few days.  A LOT.

Mass Market
Impossible Cube, Steven Harper
Shadowborn, Alison Sinclair
Bitter Seeds, Ian Tregellis
Children of the Sky, Vernor Vinge
Shadow Raiders, Margaret Weis & Robert Krammes
Passion Play, Beth Bernobich
Blackbirds, Chuck Wendig
Pod, Stephen Wallenfels
Tricked, Kevin Hearne
Dreadnaught, Jack Campbell
Minority Council, Kate Griffin
Blight of Mages, Karen Miller
Evil Dark, Justin Gustainis
Chicory Up, Irene Redford
Pack, Jason Starr
Hex, Allen Steele
Hard Magic, Larry Correia
Champion of Mars, Guy Haley
Hot Gate, John Ringo
Extremis, Steve White & Charles E. Gannon

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