Signed Books

Over the past year, Bakka Phoenix has hosted and attended a wide variety of events.  Not only are those events a huge amount of fun, they also leave us with lots of signed books.  Check them out:

Leah Bobet
Above HC

Christian Cameron
God of War TR

Julie E. Czerneda
Thousand Words for Stranger PB
Ties of Power PB
Hidden in Sight PB
Migration PB
Regeneration PB
Reap the Wild Wind PB
Rift in the Sky PB

Megan Crewe
Give Up the Ghost TR
Way We Fall HC

William Gibson
Distrust That Particular Flavor HC

Ed Greenwood
Dark Warrior Rising PB
Dark Vengeance PB
Falconfar PB

Alexandra Harvey
Briar Rose TR
Waking TR

Tanya Huff
Blood Pact PB
Smoke and Shadows PB
Smoke and Mirrors PB
Enchantment Emporium PB
Wild Ways HC
Of Darkness, Light and Fire PB
Second Summoning PB
Truth of Valor PB

Adrienne Kress
Alex and the Ironic Gentleman TR
Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate TR

Lesley Livingston
Wondrous Strange TR
Darklight TR
Tempestuous TR
Once Every Never TR

George R.R. Martin (unsurprisingly, these are going fast)
Game of Thrones PB
Clash of Kings PB
Storm of Swords PB
Feast for Crows PB
Dance With Dragons HC
Dreamsongs vol II HC
Fevre Dream TR
Wild Cards TR
Aces High TR
Aces Abroad TR
Busted Flush PB
Suicide Kings PB
Fort Freak HC, PB

Ryan Oakley
Technicolor Ultra Mall TR

Cheryl Rainfield
Hunted TR

Robert J. Sawyer
Wake HC, PB
Watch HC, PB
Wonder HC, PB
Triggers HC
Hybrids PB
Rollback HC, PB
Relativity HC
Iterations HC
Identity Theft HC
Frameshift TR
Flashforward TR, PB

John Scalzi
Ghost Brigades PB
Zoe’s Tale PB
Metatropolis HC

Karl Schroeder
Queen of Candesce PB

Caitlin Sweet
Pattern Scars TR

Jo Walton
Among Others TR
Half a Crown HC

Michelle West (also Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West)*
Silence HC
Skirmish HC

Robert Charles Wilson
Blind Lake PB
Darwinia TR

*When it comes to Michelle, we can get pretty much any/everything signed with a judicious combination of bribery and threats.  Mostly bribery.

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