Holy Batman, you guys!  We had SO MANY great entries to our ticket giveaway contest.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who took part.  We loved reading your entries.  People chose heroes, villans, minor characters, and one-offs. And Alfred!  We got one-liners, essays, photos and even some archival video.  I wish we had a dozen tickets to give away.  Sadly, we only have two, which are going to:

Kevin, who said:

“My favourite Batman character? Wow. Well, the obvious answer is the simplest. Bruce Wayne/Batman. Why? He’s self-made, resourceful, and he tends to reflect the tenor of the times. Need a self-referential, tongue in cheek, hipster who can dance with the cool kids, while getting all the chicks who happen to have skin tight leather on? (Adam West, thank you for making deadpan delivery cool. Heh.) Check. How about a dark, brooding loner who verges on the edge of obsession and various psychoses , engaging in a perverse kind of self-help which happens to benefit the corrrupt city in which he lives (thank you, Frank Miller, defining & inspiring the Batman pop culture embraces today. Wow, his brain’s something.)? Check. A noble, self-sacrificing modern-day knight, whose moral code inspires and uplifts his peers, even those with more resources and powers than he has (many different creators are responsible for this, which is funny.)? Check.

He’s a character who began in 1939, inspired by Zorro, and will continue to remain popular as one of modern society’s modern-day myths. Little kids know who Batman is, yet so many other smart characters strangely can’t figure it out(ain’t that a hoot?). He will always be there in the zeitgeist, as a role model for many to use as an example of doing what’s right (HaHaHahhahaha. Mff do excuse me). Batman/Bruce Wayne will always be my favourite because WiTHout Him. LIFE JUst wOUldn’t be any FUN. HhahahahhaahhahahahahahhahoooooowoooHahahahHhahaHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHHHHHH”

Andrew, whose entry was:

“Gotta be Alfred. He’s the only thing that keeps the Batman going. I love that Michael Caine’s Alfred served in the SAS then became a butler for the Wayne family. I imagine Thomas Wayne hired him more as a bodyguard than a butler, but the man’s clearly a jack of all trades. It’s interesting that the comic book version was an actor beforehand, but in all iterations he’s a man who could have done pretty much anything he wanted, yet chose to serve the Wayne family. It’s like he knew what was coming early on. Maybe he’s really a scientist from an alternate future without a Dark Knight and went back in time to create him. Wouldn’t that be something?
Also, dear god I need to see this film as soon as possible. Thanks!”

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