New Releases

Technically, these are not actually July new releases, but August’s.  It’s like we’re living in the future!

Mass Market
Gunmetal Magic, Ilona Andrews
Whispers Under Ground, Ben Aaronovitch
Chimera, T.C. McCarthy
Darklands, Nancy Holzner
How Firm A Foundation, David Weber
All Seeing Eye, Rob Thurman
Dredd, Gordon Rennie, et al
Exile, Rowena Cory Daniells
Ghost Ship, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Imperium, Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Loose Cannon, David Drake
Shadows Before The Sun, Kelly Gay
An Officer’s Duty, Jean Johnson

Stuff of Legend, Omnibus #1, Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, Charles Paul Wilson III
Blood of the Emperor, Tracy Hickman
Coup d’Etat, Harry Turtledove
Odd Apocalypse, Dean Koontz

Trade Paperback
VN, Madeline Ashby
Blood And Feathers, Lou Morgan
Devil’s Wake, Stephen Barnes & Tananarive Due
Stranger’s Woes, Max Frei
Wanderers, Paula Brandon

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