Paranorman Winners

We can now definitively say that our customers have wide-ranging interests, at least as pertains to talking to the dead.  You chose writers, thinkers, entertainers, nation-builders — the list was quite comprehensive.  After some discussion and a lot of laughter, we chose the following two entries:

Carrington, whose entry ‘Speak, dead famous person! Speak!’, read:
“If I could speak to one dead famous person I’d pick Dorothy Parker.  I love her writing and wit, plus she had a proven track record of being an interesting lunch companion.
Also, just in case this “speak to the dead” contest is a ruse to get me into a room with a zombie, I think I could take her.  Then again, if Parker found herself in a reanimated state, she could probably cope enough to still be interesting to converse with–after all, she did spend much of her adult life pickled.  I’m betting she’d be less “unnggh, braaaains!” and more “oh, this again.”
As a bonus, if I could get my copy of Enough Rope signed by the author and dated 2012, I would as they say “never pay for another drink again.”  And I think she’d find that deliciously ironic.”

and Sunny, who said:
“My first thought went to historical figures, like Jules Verne as one of the creaters of science fiction. But, realizing that my French skills would not be up to that conversation, I decided on someone who has influenced my sense of humour and perspective on the world. Someone whose lifetime overlapped mine, but who I never had the opportunity to meet. If I could talk to any dead person, for both his humour and his concern for our world, I’d love to talk to Douglas Adams.”

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all of our entrants.  We’ll have more giveaways next month, so keep posted.

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