Maybe Tuesday Will Be My Good News Day

Tuesday is new books day, so yeah, we’re going with good news

7th Sigma, Steven Gould
Sin’s Dark Caress, Tracey O’Hara
Omen Machine, Terry Goodkind

Starling, Lesley Livingston
Plain Kate, Erin Bow
Goliath, Scott Westerfeld
Book of Transformations, Mark Charan Newton
Hidden Things, Doyce Testerman
Dearly Departed, Lia Habel
Agatha H. And The Hammerless Bell, Phil & Kaja Foglio
Biting Cold, Chloe Neill
Flint Heart, Katherine & John Paterson
Fury, Elizabeth Miles
In Other Worlds, Margaret Atwood

Far West, Patricia C. Wrede
Broken Isles, Mark Charan Newton
Fate Of Worlds, Larry Niven & Edwrad M. Lerner
Black Bottle, Hanthony Huso
Ghost Key, Trish J. MacGregor
Manual Of Aeronautics, Scott Westerfeld
Creepy Carrots! Aaron Reynolds & Peter Brown
Rise of Nine, Pitticus Lore
Wards of Faerie, Terry Brooks

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