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The Lost Girl, Sangu Mandanna
Devil Said Bang, Richard Kadrey
The Unincorporated Future, Danni Killin & Eytan Kollin
Such Wicked Intent, Kenneth Oppel
Communion Town, Sam Thompson
Monster, Dave Zeltserman

Trade Paperbacks

Defiance, C. J. Redwine
In War Times, Kathleen Ann Goonan
The Immortality Factor, Ben Bova
Endurance, Jay Lake
Liesl & Po, Lauren Oliver
A Haunted Mind, Dr. Bob Currand
The Facility, Simon Lelic
Orion: The Vaults of Winter, Darius Hinks
The Shattered Vine, Laura Anne Gilman

Mass Market Paperbacks

Star Corpsman: Bloodstar, Ian Douglas
Snuff, Terry Pratchet
Wild Cards I, George R. R. Martin (Ed.)
Endgame, Ann Aguirre
Ghost of a Dream, Simon R. Green
Haunted, Jeanne C. Stein
Taken, Benedict Jacka
Wrayth, Philippa Ballantine
Blades of Winter, G. T. Almasi
The Corpse-Rat King, Lee Battersby
Mockingbird, Chuck Wendig
Fate of the Jedi: Conviction, Aaron Allston
Cold Fire, Kate Elliot
Beyond Here Lies Nothing, Gary McMahon
Fear to Tread, James Swallow
Path of the Outcast, Gav Thorpe
Ring of Fire III, Eric Flint (Ed.)
Sanctuary: The Outcast Chronicles, Rowena Cory Daniells
Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide, Kristen Beyer
Undercurrents, Robert Buettner
When the People Fell, Cordwainer Smith

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