We’re looking foward to some great reads.  Because this week’s new books include:

Cold Days, Jim Butcher
Fractal Prince, Hannu Rajaniemi
King Of The Dead, Joseph Nassise
Hate Mail, Mr. Bingo
Lazarus Machine, Paul Crilley
Lullaby, Amanda Hocking
There And Back Again: JRR Tolkien And The Origins Of The Hobbit, Mark Atherton

Trade Paperback
Islanders, Christopher Priest
Last Policeman, Ben Winters
Death Watch, Ari Berk
Hobbits: The Many Lives of Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin, Lynette Porter
Doctor Who Doctionary, BBC Books
Million Suns, Beth Revis
Sum Of Her Parts, Alan Dean Foster
Complete Keeper Chronicles, Tanya Huff

Mass Market
Steel’s Edge, Ilona Andrews
Crossed Blades, Kelly McCullough
Dead On Delivery, Eileen Rendahl
Defiant Peaks, Julie E. McKenna
Edge of Infinity, Jonathan Strahan, editor
Fighting Chance, William C. Dietz
Grantville Gazette VI, Eric Flint, editor
Honor’s Paradox, P.C. Hodgell
In The Lion’s Mouth, Michael Flynn
Moonshifted, Cassie Alexander
Power Play, Ben Bova
Red, White And Blood, Christopher Farnsworth
Scar, Sergey & Marina Dyachenko
Thirteen Hallows, Michael Scott & Colette Freedman


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