Ugh, What A Day

Here, have some new books to brighten things up.

Mass Market
Dangerous Gifts, Gaie Sebold
Games, Ted Kosmatka
Fighting to Survive, Rhiannon Frater
Last Ditch, Sandy Mitchell
Shadows in Flight, Orson Scott Card
Shattered Circle, Linda Robertson
She Returns From The War, Lee Collins
Songs Of The Earth, Elspeth Cooper

Trade Paperback
A Red Sun Also Rises, Mark Hodder
Power Under Pressure, Andrew P. Mayer
Angel Exterminatus, Graham McNeill
Wolf Gift, Anne Rice

Imager’s Battalion, L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Six-Gun Tarot, R.S. Belcher
Crossing, Mandy Hager
Prodigy, Marie Lu


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