A Little Redecoration

Please pardon our less than pristine appearance this morning.  The facts, as they say on my beloved Pushing Daisies, are these:

1. Some total jackwagon kicked in our front door last night.
2. We lost a little loose change, but that’s all. The thief didn’t even steal the open box of truffles on the desk.
2a. So obviously we’re dealing with a severely deranged individual/group.
3. We’ve swept and swept and swept, but there’s still glass bits around.
3a. And there probably will be for a while, so give your feet a good scrub on the carpet.

Our new door glass will be installed later this afternoon.  We’re all fine, and we didn’t lose any stock.  The whole incident can be filed under ‘annoyance’ rather than ‘disaster’.  And while I was contemplating what kind of pathetic loser would cause so much irritation and damage for such petty gain, I had this dismayingly democratic thought:  “Drat, it’s not just Wall Street any more.”


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