Hey, Where’d That Nice Weather Go?

Dang!  Oh well.  Here are some new books to help you make it through the rain-snow-SUN-rain mess that is early March.

Mass Market
Agave Kiss, Ann Aguirre
Bridge of Dreams, Anne Bishop
Dead Letter Day, Eileen Rendahl
Golden Age of Death, Amber Benson
Intruder, C.J. Cherryh
Midnight Blue Light Special, Seanan McGuire
Slashback, Rob Thurman

Trade Paperback
Monster Calls, Patrick Ness
Under My Skin, Charles de Lint
Every Never After, Lesley Livingston (launch coming up on March 22nd!)
Undead and Underwater, MaryJanice Davidson
Talulla Rising, Glen Duncan

Frost Burned, Patricia Briggs
Bloodfire Quest, Terry Brooks
Office of Mercy, Ariel Djanikian


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