New Books! New Books!

Lots of new books for you this week.  Like:

Protector, C.J. Cherryh
The Forever Knight, John Marco
Arclight, Josin L. Quein
House Of Secrets, Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini
The Silver Dream, Neil Gaiman (story), Michael Reaves
The Ability, M.M. Vaughan & Iacopo Bruno
The Grail Of The Summer Stars, Freda Warrington
A History Of Weapons, John O’Bryan & Barry Orkin
How To Speak Klingon, Ben Grossblatt & Alex Fine
Kevin, Paul Kupperberg
Obsidian Mirror, Catherine Fisher
The River of No Return, Bee Ridgway
Vader’s Little Princess, Jeffery Brown

Trade Paperback
The Golem And The Jinni, Helene Wecker
Ex-Patriots, Peter Clines
The Enchanted Life Of Adam Hope, Rhonda Riley
Unnatural Creatures, Neil Gamain, editor
Unraveling, Elizabeth Norris
Zombie Versus Fairy Featuring Albinos, James Marshall
Some Kind of Fairy Tale, Graham Joyce
Hot Blooded, Amanda Carlson

We also a got a bunch of classic Dr. Who reprints.  These aren’t ‘new’ strictly speaking, but they sure are pretty:
Mass Market
Ten Little Aliens, Stephen Cole
Dreams Of Empire, Justin Richards
Last of the Gaderene, Mark Gatiss
Festival of Death, Jonathan Morris
Fear of the Dark, Trevor Baxendale
Players, Terrance Dicks
Rememberance of the Daleks, Ben Aaronovitch
Earthworld, Jacqueline Rayner
Only Human, Gareth Roberts


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