Tuesday, Humid Tuesday

Ugh, I feel like I need gills.  Mebbe new books will help with that…?

Limits of Power, Elizabeth Moon
1001 Nights, Hanan al-Shaykh
Shadow People, James Swain
Watchmen: Deluxe Edition, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
Rush, Eve Silver
Who-Ology, Cavan Scott & Mark Wright
Game of Thrones Graphic Novel #02, George R.R. Martin

Trade Paperback
Outcast, Adrienne Kress (signed copies!)
The Geisters, Dave Nickle
Map of the Sky, Felix J. Palma
Dark Companion, Marta Acosta
Born of Illusion, Teri Brown
Some Remarks, Neal Stephenson
Mona Lisa Sacrifice, Peter Roman

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