Our delivery truck ran into difficulties so our new books list is a little spotty this week.  Mostly, it’s all about the mass markets.  Check them out:

Mass Market
Midst Toil And Tribulation, David Weber
Calculated in Death, J.D. Robb
Kitty in the Underworld, Carrie Vaughn
Angel Exterminatus, Graham McNeill
Consipracy of Alchemists, Liesel Schwarz
Darwin Elevator, Jason M. Hugh
Harbinger, Phillipa Ballantine
Founders, James Wesley Rawles
Heart of Briar, Laura Anne Gilman
Last Blood, Kristen Painter
Phoenicia’s Worlds, Ben Jeapes
Queen of Wands, John Ringo
Satan’s Reach, Eric Brown
Storm Glass, Maria V. Snyder
Three, Jay Posey
Traitor Queen, Trudi Canavan
Twelve, Justin Cronin

Trade Paperback

Indelible, Dawn Metcalf
Tall Tales From Pitch End, Nigel McDowell


Kill City Blues, Richard Kadrey


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