New Books On Wednesday… Wait, Wednesday?

Yeah, we had a shipping delay.  Holiday Monday: what can you do?*  Next week we’ll be back to Tuesday.

Mass Market
Libriomancer, Jim C. Hines
Wild Road, Jennifer Roberson
Hellfire, John Johnson
In the House of the Wicked, Thomas E. Sniegoski
Terminated, Rachel Caine

Trade Paperback
Monster on the Hill, Rob Herrell
All Our Pretty Songs, Sarah McCarry
Crown Tower, Michael J. Sullivan
Unicorporated Future, Dani & Eytan Kollin
Animals Talking in ALL CAPS, Justin Valmassoi
Big Egos, S.G. Browne
Fairest of Them All, Carolyn Turgeon
Kindred and Wings, Phillipa Ballantine
Control, Kim Curran
Pirates of the Timestream, Steve White
Seventh Retribution, Ben Counter
Fire Season, David Weber
End of Infinity, Matt Myklusch
Keeper of the Lost Cities, Shannon Messenger

Long War, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
Night Pilgrims, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Babayaga, Toby Barlow
Undead and Unsure, MaryJanice Davidson
Warbound, Larry Correia
Weight of Souls, Bryony Pearce
Box Office Poison, Phillipa Bornikova

*I mean besides have an EXCELLENT pool party

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