Tis The Season For Recommendations

We give a lot of recommendations this time of year. A LOT. Talking about books is our favourite thing. So we thought we’d share some recent recommendations with you.

First up, Science Fiction.

Perdition, Ann Aguirre
Dred Devos controls one of the six territories of the spaceship Perdition, a vast floating prison. It’s not an easy position to keep. New convict Jael has the mercenary skills to make a good ally, but those deadly abilities make him less than trustworthy.  Action packed and character driven, this is a prison combat/escape movie SET IN SPACE. I mean, what are you waiting for?  (PB, $8.99)

Parasite, Mira Grant
Symbo-Gen has the cure for everything: all you have to do is take a pill with a genetically engineered tapeworm and your problems are gone! Except, of course, when they aren’t, as Sally Mitchell is about to find out. Grant’s vivid characters, dynamic plotting, and gift for the creepily plausible make Parasite a fun (if disturbing) read.
(HC, $22.00, signed copies available)

21st Century Science Fiction, David G. Hartwell & Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editors
An interesting and wide-ranging selection of SF short stories published in the last thirteen years. Hartwell and Nielsen Hayden really know how to put together an anthology like this — valuable because of it’s sheer range. No matter what kind of SF you like, you’ll find it here. And likely a new favourite, too.  (HC, $39.99)

Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie
Breq is a soldier on a wintry planet. She used to be a massive starship, an AI that linked thousands of soldiers together across the galaxy. Now she has been reduced to inhabiting a single breakable human body.  All she has left is the desire to find out what happened, and an even deeper drive for revenge.  Gripping and original.  (TR, $17.00)

Burning Paradise, Robert Charles Wilson
Cassie lives in a world similar to but not quite like our own. In her world, for instance, there were no World Wars. No Great Depression. The problem is, only Cassie and a few others know why: the Earth is being interfered with, being made more placid by an entity with a secret  agenda. Her parents died for that knowledge, and now Cassie is a target, too.  Action and adventure delivered with Wilson’s tradmark insight and graceful prose.  (HC, $28.99, signed copies available)


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