Recommendations, Part Deux.

Today: Fantasy

A Study in Silks, Emma Jane Holloway
In this Victorian era run by the shadowy and ruthless steam barons, it doesn’t pay to stand out. Evelina Cooper is about to enter her first season, but there are a few things holding her back. First, there’s her magical ability with mechanisms. Then there’s the fact that she was raised in the circus. And if that’s not enough, her uncle is the brilliant and famous Sherlock Holmes. And then there’s a murder…  This is steampunk adventure at it’s finest.

Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett
Moist Von Lipwig. Vetinari. Vimes. The Low King of Dwarves. Goblins. Slide rules. And trains, trains, trains.  It’s Pratchett: is there anything else you really need to know?

Royal Airs, Sharon Shinn
In the country of Welce, people take their blessings from one of the five elements. Josetta, a princess, is all elay, air. Rafe Adova, a gambler from the roughest part of town, is that rarest of creatures: a man with no elemental affinity at all. When Rafe saves Josetta’s sister from a dangerous situation, events are set in train that neither of them could have imagined. A delightful follow-up to Shinn’s earlier book Troubled Waters.

Darkwalker, E.L. Tettensor
Nicolas Lenoir is a gifted police investigator who cannot bring himself to care about his cases, his subordinates, or even himself. But when a young informant goes missing, Lenoir rusty conscience begins to stir. His present investigation collides with a past betrayal and changes everything about Nicolas’ world.  A thoroughly enjoyable debut; I look forward to more from this author.

The Thousand Names, Django Wexler
Marcus wants to serve out his exile commanding the Vordanai Empire’s colonial garrison in peace. Winter wants to stay unnoticed in the ranks. Janus wants… well, that would be telling.  Part of a genre so new we haven’t named it yet, this Post Medieval, Pre-Steam adventure offers a distinct setting, engaging characters, and just enough magic to make things interesting.

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