New Books. Well, Mostly New.

In the ‘mostly new’ department:

Mass Market
Battle, Michelle West  (sorry – this is really late. But… signed copies!)
Broken Homes, Ben Aaronovitch (back in stock, finally)

And now for the actually-brand-new books:

Trade Paperback
Annihilation, Jeff Vandermeer
Natural History of Dragons, Marie Brennan
Dead Americans, Ben Peek
Get Katja, Simon Logan
Chasing the Prophecy, Brandon Mull
Dial H:The Exchange, China Miéville
Different Girl, Gordon Dahlquist
Gathering Dark, Christine Johnson

Three Princes, Ramona Wheeler
Champions of Breakfast, Adam Rex
Beauty And The Beast, H. Chuku Lee
Archetype, M.D. Waters
Conquest, John Connolly
Martian, Andy Weir
Pillar To The Sky, William R. Forstchen
Space Rocks!, Tom O’Donnell
Tinker King, Tiffany Trent


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