Whoa, Is It Tuesday Again Already?

Why, yes! And — lucky you — we have lots of new books to share.

Magic Breaks, Illona Andrews
New Frontiers, Ben Bova
Young World, Chris Weitz
Graveyard Book Graphic Novel #1, Neil Gaiman

Trade Paperback
Cast In Flame, Michelle Sagara (and yes, we have signed copies)
Barricade, Jon Wallace
Oceanborn, Amalie Howard
Splintered Gods, Stephen Deas
Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic, Emily Croy Barker
Seal Of The Worm, Adrian Tchaikovsky
Black North, Nigel McDowell
Very Best Of Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol 2, Gordon Van Gelder, ed.
Red Rising, Pierce Brown
Drakenfeld, Mark Charan Newton
Marauder, Gary Gibson
The Arrivals, Melissa Marr

Mass Market
Blood Of Tyrants, Naomi Novik
One Night In Smoke, Bailey Cunninham
Free Agent, J.C. Nelson
Hardship, Jean Johnson
Heaven’s Fall, David S. Goyer & Michael Cassutt
Eight Million Gods, Wen Spencer
Jani And The Greater Game, Eric Brown
One Night In Sixes, Arianne “Tex” Thompson
Refugee, D.J. Molles
Undead Pool, Kim Harrison
Unremembered Empire, Dan Abnett
Wolf In Shadow, John Lambshead


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