Many, Many New Books

Since we were closed last week, we have two weeks worth of new books to post. And there may be more to come. We’ll probably be a couple of days digging out from under this mountain of boxes. If you wanted to send chocolate, that’d be okay.

Lock In, John Scalzi
Broken Eye, Brent Weeks
Echopraxia, Peter Watts
Getaway God, Richard Kadrey
Island Of Excess Love, Francesca Lia Block
Quest, Aaron Becker
Ultra Thin Man, Patrick Swenson
Biblical, Christopher Galt
Fiendish, Brenna Yovanoff
The Godless, Ben Peek
LeagueOf Seven, Alan Gratz
Visions, Kelly Armstrong
Hug Machines, Scott Campbell

Trade Paperback
Mirror Empire, Kameron Hurley
Bitter Kingdom, Rae Carson
Untold, Sarah Rees Brennan
The Creeps, John Connolly
Emperor’s Blades, Brian Stavely
Girl Of Fire And Thorns Stories, Rae Carson
Not A Drop To Drink, Mindy McGinnis
Screaming Staircase, Jonathan Stroud
Shadows Of The New Sun, Bill Fawecett, ed.
Black Ice, Susan Krinard
Will In Scarlett, Matthew Cody
Chickens Of Atlantis, Robert Rankin
Nine Lives Of Alexander Baddenfield, John Bemelmans Marciano

Mass Market
Royal Airs, Sharon Shinn
Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, Lois McMaster Bujold
Fire Prince, Emily Gee
Fractured, D. J. Molles
Beginnings, David Weber, ed.
Solaris Rising 3, Ian Whates, ed.
World Of Fire, James Lovegrove

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