Recommendations: Fantasy (Part One in an Ongoing Series)

These days, we spend a lot of our time making suggestions and recommendations for customers, especially those who may not be fully caught up on the genre. It’s a lot of fun — in fact, it’s our favourite thing. Over the next few days, we’ll share some of those recommendations with you. Today’s topic:  Fantasy

Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison
Maia is the fourth son of the Emperor. Despised by his father, he has spent his entire life relegated to a dismal manor home in the sticks until a sudden shocking accident puts Maia on the throne. At its core, Goblin Emperor is a court fantasy, with all the factions, intrigue, and political infighting that entails. But it is also the story of a young man learning what he can and will do. Compassionate and kind, with intensive worldbuilding and absorbing prose, Goblin Emperor is one of our top picks for the year.

Daring, Elliott James
John Charming: formerly a Knight Templar, currently a werewolf. Which explains the ‘former’ part: the Knights see werewolves as monsters to be destroyed. Which makes it tricky when they want John’s help to infiltrate a werewolf pack growing in power and influence. This is the second novel in James’ ‘Pax Arcana’ series, and a good choice for those who are all caught up with the Dresden Files.

Silence For The Dead, Simone St. James
Kitty Weekes knows that there is something wrong a Portis House, the manor-turned-psych-ward for shell-shocked veterans of the Great War. Something worse than the way the patients are treated. Something… angry. And when the weather and a medical catastrophe leave them completely isolated, it will take all of Kitty’s strength and ingenuity to keep the residents safe. It’s a ghost story, but it’s also about war, loss, and pain, and the many ways we can learn to survive them.

Radiant, Karina Sumner-Smith
Magicless in a world that values power, Xhea is an outcast, using her strange ability to see ghosts to eke out a living. When she meets Shai, a ghost and a much-prized Radiant, everything about Xhea’s life begins to change. And things long dormant, like Xhea’s emotions, her thoughts of the future, and her magic, begin to stir at last. Another wonderful book by a Bakka Phoenix staff alum. Hey, we can’t help it that so many of staff members are so talented.

Girls At The Kingfisher Club, Genevieve Valentine
You know this story: it’s the one about twelve sisters who disappear from a locked room to dance all night long. But you’ve never read it like this before: set in 1927 Manhattan, complete with speakeasies, flappers, gangters, and ragtime. It’s a spectacular book about love, loss, freedom, sisterhood, and dancing. And there’s no magic in it at all, except the magic of a brilliantly told story.

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