Brand New Bookses!

New on the shelves this week:

Apocalypse Bow Wow, James Proimos III
Fight For Pow3r, Eric Walters
Galapagos Regained, James Morrow
Just City, Jo Walton
Providence Of Fire, Brian Staveley
Unbreakable, W.C. Bauers
Whispering Swarm, Michael Moorcock
Fireborn, Toby Forward
Story Thieves, James Riley
Morte, Robert Repino

Trade Paperback
Insurgent, Veronica Roth
Ahriman: Sorcerer, John French
Avalon, Mindee Arnett
Fold In The Tent Of The Sky, Michael Hale
Rags & Bones, Melissa Marr & Tim Pratt eds.
Crimson Campaign, Brian McClellan
Mr. Kiss And Tell, Rob Thomas
Half Bad, Sally Green
Rule Of Three, Eric Walters
Flight Of The Silvers, Daniel Price

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