The Scent Of Spring

It smells like new grass, wet sidewalks, and new books. Like:

Hit, Delilah S. Dawson
Dead Lands, Benjamin Percy
I Don’t Like Koala, Sean Ferrell
Bloodkin, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Crown For Cold Silver, Alex Marshall
Warring States, Aidan Harte

Trade Paperback
Exploring Calvin And Hobbes, Bill Watterson
Tithe Of The Saviours, A.J. Dalton
Garden Of Dreams And Desires, Kristen Painter
Jinn And Juice, Nicole Peeler
Occasional Diamond Thief, J.A. McLachlan
Expiration Date, Nancy Kilpatrick
Chronicle Of Secret Riven, Ronlyn Domingue
Legacies Of Betrayal, Graham McNeill
Something Coming Through, Paul McAuley
Scan, Sarah Fine
Against A Darkening Sky, Lauren B. Davis
Eye Of Zoltar, Jasper Fforde
World Without Princes, Soman Chainani
All Day Breakfast, Adam Lewis Schroeder
Clash Of Iron, Angus Watson
Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods, Liana Kerzner & Jerome Stuart, editors. Join us at the Merril Collection at 7pm on April 30th for the launch!

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