At Long Last, Progress!

Our ongoing renovation has progressed in the manner that makes for a dramatic episode of HGTV but a difficult daily life, what with the all the floods, and blackouts, and misplaced materials, and floods, and shoddy workmanship, and delays, and did we mention the floods?

But now we’re moving forward. We have an excellent new team in place, and they’re going to start next week. We may look a little different for a while (scaffolding). We may sound a little different (mysterious construction noises). But since it means we’ll FINALLY be making progress, we’re excited.

We’ll be closing for one week in late August*, to expedite some specific work, but other than that we plan to be open throughout the entire renovation.

Nothing but good times ahead!

*the current projection is Monday August 17th to Sunday August 23rd. We’ll post with more details soon.

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