Movie Tickets!

Psst! Wanna see NO ESCAPE, starring Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, and Pierce Brosnan?

Courtesy of VVS Films, we have passes to a preview screening on Thursday August 13th, 7pm at Scotiabank Theatre. Each pass is good for two people. If you’d like one, let us know in the comments here. First come, first served!

7 Responses to “Movie Tickets!”

  1. VikkiMichele says:

    Hi! Would love to see No Escape. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Chris Szego says:

    Done! We’ll put one aside for you.

  3. nfoster says:

    was there more than one?!

  4. Chris Szego says:

    Yes, I’ll put one aside for you as well.

  5. nfoster says:

    Not gonna lie – any chance I could be efficient and wait til Aug 11 when you may, theoretically, hopefully, please have Fool’s Quest in? 🙂

  6. Chris Szego says:

    Sure thing, unless we run out of passes reeeeeally fast. Which doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

  7. nfoster says:

    Hahaha well I’ll keep an eye out. Thank you!

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