More New Books

Step Aside, Pops, Kate Beaton
Traitor Baru Cormorant, Seth Dickenson
Dragon Coast, Greg Van Eekhout
Appearance Of Annie Van Sinderen, Katherine Howe
Yes, My Accent Is Real, Kunal Nayyar
Forever Man, Eoin Colfer
Queen Of Shadows, Sarah J. Maas
Lady Paranorma, Vincent Marcone

Trade Paperback
The Doctors Are In, Graeme Burk & Robert Smith? (we’ll launch this and Investigating Sherlock by Nikki Stafford on Sat. Sept. 26th at 3pm. You should come!)
Led Astray, Kelley Armstrong
All The Discworld’s A Stage (The Plays), Terry Pratchett
Intro To Alien Invasion, Owen King
Sudden Light, Garth Stein
Loosed Upon The World, John Joseph Adams, editor
Hangman’s Revolution, Eoin Colfer
Heir Of Fire, Sarah J. Maas
Crown For Cold Silver, Alex Smale
Trial By Fire, Josephine Angelini

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