Scorpion Rules, Erin Bow
Library of Souls, Ransom Riggs
Star Trek: Ships of the Line Posters
Murdstone Trilogy, Mal Peet
Nomad, William Alexander
Rudolph Shines Agains, Robert L. May
Samurai Santa, Rubin Pingk
Minrs, Kevin Sylvester
Stallo, Stefan Spjut
Stuck on Star Trek, Joe Corroney
Science Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book, Joseph McCullough
Walk On Earth a Stranger, Rae Carson

Trade Paperback

Time and Time Again, Ben Elton
Lark Rising, Sandra Waugh
Nightfall, Jake Halpern
Golden Compass Graphic Novel

Armageddon, Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Ambassador, William Alexander
Gestapo Mars, Victor Gischler
The Broken Hours, Jacqueline Baker
Shouldn’t You Be In School?, Lemony Snicket
The Brothers Cabal, Jonathan L. Howard
Battlemage, Stephen Aryan
Bad Magic, Pseudonymous Bosch
A Crucible of Souls, Mitchell Hogan

Mass Market Paperback

Supervillains Anonymous, Lexie Dunne

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