Recommendations (Part Three)

Today, books for younger readers.

The Awesome, Eva Darrows
What starts as a 17-year-old monster hunter Maggie’s quest to lose her virginity for one reason only (qualifying for her journeyman’s vampire-hunter license) turns into a smart, funny, suprisingly involving look at what self-acceptance really means, and how real releationships with your real family are so much more complicated – and better – than you think. The book has blood and gore and dirty jokes out the butt, but it also has a hell of a lot of substance and grace.

Blackthorn Key, Kevin Sands
Christopher Rowe is happy as an apothecary’s apprentice: solving puzzles, learning about medicine, occasionally blowing things up along the way. But when a mysterious cult begins to murder London’s apothecaries, Christopher must muster everything he’s learned to save his master, and quite possibly the world. Smart, adventurous reading.

Nimona, Noelle Stevenson
Nimona join villian Lord Ballister Blackheart in his vendetta against Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and the rest of the Institution of Law Enforcement And Heroics. But none of them – not Nimona, Ambrosius, or Blackheart himself – are entirely what they seem to be, which makes for a funny, fast-paced, and remarkably moving graphic novel.

Pocket Full Of Murder, R.J. Anderson
Isaveth’s father has been arrested for a murder he did not commit. It will take all her ingenuity, perserverance, and spell-craft to find the evidence that will free him. Luckily, she has the assistance of Quiz, an enterprising boy who knows his way around the city, especially the higher class areas where impovrished families like hers never go. But everything they discover points in the direction of the highest nobility, dangerous territory for a poor Moscite like Isaveth. Engaging characters, and solid world-building.

Voices In Between, Charlene Challenger
Adoni, who lives with her abusive mother, hears Ritter singing in the alley beneath her window, and is drawn down to meet him. Ritter brings Adoni to The Welcome, the northern colony of the In-Between world, where young people are protected by the immortal pipers. But when The Welcome is attached by changelings, Adoni must find the strength and courage to stop the oncoming war. Brave, wrenching, loving, and wise.

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