Recommendations (Part Four)

And finally, things we love that don’t fit into any of the previous categories.

Art Of Language Invention, David J. Peterson
SFF fans, writers, game creators, and language lovers in general, this is an overview on how to create languages for fun (and possibly  profit), by someone who has done it for Marvel and HBO. Fun and fascinating.

Everybody’s favourite personal health monitor, now in squeezable plush form. And he talks, too. So cute!

Discworld Atlas, Terry Pratchett
I’m not yet able to read Shepherd’s Crown, but I’ve loved flipping through the Atlas. An invaluable reference for the lover of Discworld.

Penguin Science Fiction Postcards
100 of Penguin’s most interesting (and bizzare) SF covers, in postcard form. Artistically diverse, and practically hallucinogenic.

Step Aside, Pops, Kate Beaton
If you don’t already know who Kate Beaton is, you’ve been missing out on some of the smartest, funniest cartoons around. History, politics, literature — nothing is off the radar in this, her second fantastic collection.

Thing Explainer, Randall Munroe
The creator of xkcd explains complicated ideas and objects using only the 1000 most common English words. Delightful and educational all at the same time.

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