Sorry, My Bad!

I posted this week’s new releases on Twitter on time, but totally forgot to put them up here. Apologies!

Children Of Earth And Sky, Guy Gavriel Kay (signed copies available!)
Static, Eric Laster
Too Like The Lightning, Ada Palmer
Doll Master, Joyce Carol Oates
Inquisition, Taran Matharu
True Born, L.E. Sterling (Reminder: we’ll launch this one here on Sat. May 14th, at 3pm)

Trade Paperback
Nemesis Games, James S.A. Corey
The Affinities, Robert Charles Wilson
Wolf In The Attic, Paul Kearney
Stealer’s War, Stephen Hunt
Devotion, Ros Barber
Albina And The Dog-Men, Alejandro Jodorowsky
New World, Chris Adrian
Over Your Dead Body, Dan Wells
Dark Orbit, Carolyn Gilman Ives
Starborn, Lucy Hounsom
Novice, Taran Matharu
Mercy Journals, Claudia Caspar
In Shining Armor, Elliott James
Dream A Little Dream, Kerstin Gier
Secondhand Souls, Christopher Moore

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