We’ve Got A Bunch Of New Books…

… and some burned-out lightbulbs. But the at least the books are interesting!

End Of Watch, Stephen King
Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life, Liesa Mignogna, editor
Death’s Bright Day, David Drake
Nobody Likes A Goblin, Ben Hatke
Infomocracy, Malka Older
Grayling’s Song, Karen Cushman
Medusa Chronicles, Stephen Baxter
Galactic Games, Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Magic And Loss, Virginia Heffernan
Green And Ancient Light, Frederic S. Durbin
Trainbots, Miranda Paul
Black Tide Rising, John Ringo

Trade Paperback
Scorpion Rules, Erin Bow
Marriage Of Opposites, Alice Hoffman
Super Extra Grande, Yoss
Thor’s Serpents, K.L. Armstong & M.L. Marr
Poseidon’s Wake, Alastair Reynolds
Magonia, Mari Dahvana Headley
Devastating Hate, Markus Heitz
Tabit Genesis, Tony Gonzales
Mammoth Book Of Cthulhu, Paula Guran, editor
War Factory, Neal Asher
Autumn Princess, Dragon Child, Lian Hearn
Death Of The Old World, Guy Haley
Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard
Year’s Best Military And Adventure SF 2015, David Afsharirad, editor
Sign Of One, Eugene Lambert
Invasion, Jay Bonansinga
The Fellowship, Philip Zaleski
Sky Key, James Frey
Zero Line, James Frey

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