New Books, Etc.

Looking for something new to read this week? We’ve got you covered.

(Speaking of new, remember: tonight Guy Gavriel Kay will give away a gorgeous, leather-bound copy of Children Of Earth And Sky, one of only ten in existence! Right here, 7pm.)

Nightmare Stacks, Charles Stross
League Of Dragons, Naomi Novik
Judenstaat, Simone Zelitch
Blood In The Water, Taylor Anderson
Darkest Road, Morgan Rhodes
Hundred Thousand Worlds, Bob Proehl
Shadows Of The Dark Crystal, J.M. Lee
Vanishing Throne, Elizabeth May

Trade Paperback
Dreams Of Distant Shores, Patricia A. McKillip
Golden Specific, S.E. Grove
Escapology, Ren Warom
Romeo And/Or Juliet, Ryan North
Honeysuckle And Pain, Mark Z. Danielewski
In The Shadow Of The Gods, Rachel Dunne
New Pompeii, Daniel Godfrey
Duskfall, Christopher B. Husberg
Gap Of Time, Jeanette Winterson
The Eaters, Corrie Brundage
This Is Not The End, Jesse Jordan

Mass Market
Annihilation Score, Charles Stross
Silent Hall, N.S. Dolkart

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