New Books Make Things Better

(at least, that’s the plan…)

Perdition Score, Richard Kadrey
Big Sheep, Robert Kroese
Fifty Year Mission, Edward Gross
Seascape Tattoo, Larry Niven
Icon, Genevieve Valentine
Age Of Myth, Michael J. Sullivan
Saint’s Blood, Sebastien De Castell

Trade Paperback
The Binding, Nicholas Wolff
Dark Side, Anthony O’Neill
Lisey’s Story, Stephen King
Slade House, David Mitchell

Mass Market
Ocean At The End Of The Lane, Neil Gaiman
Elsewhens, Melanie Rawn
Call To Duty, Timothy Zahn
Long Time Until Now, Michael Z. Williamson
The Unnaturalists, Tiffany Trent
Anti-Hero, Jonathan Wood
Hot Lead, Cold Iron, Ari Marmell
Wastelands 2, John Joseph Adams, editor
Bombs Away, Harry Turtledove
First Confessor, Terry Goodkind
Taste Of Blood Wine, Freda Warrington
Eternal World, Christopher Farnsworth

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