Need Somthing To Blot Out The Hideous Cloud Of RNC Coverage?

Have some new books. That should help ease the pain.

Dragon Round, Stephen S. Power
Hidden Universe, Star Trek, Dayton Ward
Secret Language Of Stones, M.J. Ward
ST: Redshirt’s Little Book Of Doom, Robb Pearlman
Fallout: Hot War, Harry Turtledove
Flying, Carrie Jones

Trade Paperback
Monstress, Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda
Court Of Fives, Kate Elliott
Ambition, Tanaka Yoshiki
Ghost Run, J.L. Bourne
Stranded, Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Plagues Of Orath, Cavan Scott
The Race, Nina Allan
Meatheads, Noah Wareness
Santa’s Eleven Months Off, Mike Reiss & Michael G. Montgomery
Twenty Trillion Leagues Under The Sea, Adam Roberts


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