Lots Of Lovely New Books

Shadow Of Victory, David Weber
Canada, Mike Myers
The Operative, Gerald Brandt*
Unquiet Land, Sharon Shinn
Den Of Wolves, Juliet Marillier
Faithful, Alice Hoffman
Seriously Shifted, Tina Connolly

Trade Paperback
Shadowed Souls, Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes, editors
Invisible Planets, Ken Liu, editor
Adventures Of Moriarty, Maxim Jakubowski, editor
Frozen Tides, Morgan Rhodes
The Diabolic, S.J. Kincaid
What The #@&% Is That?, John Joseph Adams, editor
Facefaker’s Game, Chandler J. Birch
Gentleman Jole And The Red Queen, Lois McMaster Bujold
Old Man’s Ghosts, Tom Lloyd
Apocalypse Bow Wow, James Proimos
Christmas Magic, David G. Hartwell, editor
Seriously Wicked, Tina Connolly
Burning Isle, Will Panzo
Binary Storm, Christopher Hinz
Congress Of Secrets, Stephanie Burgis
Wrath Of Betty, Steven Erikson
Cocktails Af Seven, Apocalypse At Eight, Don Bassingthwaite
Bohemian Gospel, Dana Chamblee Carpenter
My True Love Gave To Me, Stephanie Perkins, editor

Mass Market
The Courier, Gerald Brandt*
Severed Streets, Paul Cornell
Empire Ascendent, Kameron Hurley
Pillar To The Sky, William R. Forstchen
Warheart, Terry Goodkind
Curse On The Land, Faith Hunter
Import Of Intrigue, Marshall Ryan Maresca
How To Save The World, Lexie Dunne
Dominion, Peter McLean
Dreamseeker, C.S. Friedman

*We’ll be launching Gerald Brandt‘s The Operative (and celebrating the mass-market release of his first novel, The Courier) here this Saturday, November 5th, at 3pm.

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