So, as a bookstore we tend to gather.. stuff. Old books that we can’t return, new books shipped to us in error, used books that aren’t in the best condition, etc. Books that don’t sell and can’t be returned will just sit around mouldering unless we recycle them, and that’s too terrible for all but the worst books. That’s where you come in: we want all of these unloved books to find a forever home, and we’re willing to do it cheap. We’ve put together a cart with a bunch of these outcasts and left it out on our front step. Prices are $2.00 for hardcovers, $1.00 for trade paperbacks, and $0.50 for mass market paperbacks. So come on down and find a deal! Bring a friend, bring two friends, bring a date (don’t bring two dates, unless they’re both okay with that)! These deals will be around as long as stock lasts and the weather isn’t terrible.

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