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The Bakka-Phoenix Frequent Buyer Discount has rocketed into the, erm, present.

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January 1, 1970 12:00 am
The discount bookmarks: We’ve filled them, lost them, stuck them in books for years, gleefully found enough of them to buy all new books when we’re supposed to be moving house, watched them explode all over our desk, and shared them with friends and family.

Now, as is the inevitable destiny of all fleshly things, their consciousness has been uploaded.

That’s right: We’re going digital.


What you need to know:
Going forward, we’ll track your purchases in-store–so no more losing bookmarks–and you’ll get the exact same discount as you always have with the frequent buyer card. The only thing that changes is how you redeem it and the amount of work going in for everyone.

How does that work, Bakka staff?
In short, it’s a digital points system tied into our register. For every $10 you spend, you’ll get a dollar of credit points (so, our traditional frequent buyer’s 10%). Once you’ve earned $50 worth of points, they become spendable as credit.

What if my credit purchase is less than $50?
The unused credit will turn back into points and stay in your account, getting you ahead of the game for your next credit.

Do I have to redeem at $50?
Nope! If you have your eye on something really big, bide your time.

Do the points ever expire?
As long as you make one (1) purchase in a 12-month period–so it’s not been more than a full year since your last purchase–the points will keep accumulating. If you don’t, they expire, but will start up again with your next purchase.

Can I redeem the points in the same transaction that takes me to $50?
Nope. We subscribe to a linear timestream. If you want to hit us up with them five minutes later, though, go for it.

This sounds suspiciously like cryptocurrency.
But it’s not. We are automating for your laziness and ours.

What if I already have a card, in-store or with me?
We’ll still honour any and all full bookmarks, and if your card isn’t full, we’ll translate your previous purchases into points and keep counting from there. If you have your card on you, please just bring it in and we’ll get you set up–and there’s no limit date on that. Find one five years from now? We’ll do it.

What information do you need to set up the account?
Just your name; we aren’t collecting a whole lot of information. We just want to make sure we know your points go with you.

Any questions?
Call us or drop in with as many bookmarks as you can find. We will happily explain it with many large hand gestures and set you up with a frequent buyer account.

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