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Paranorman Winners

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

We can now definitively say that our customers have wide-ranging interests, at least as pertains to talking to the dead.  You chose writers, thinkers, entertainers, nation-builders — the list was quite comprehensive.  After some discussion and a lot of laughter, we chose the following two entries:

Carrington, whose entry ‘Speak, dead famous person! Speak!’, read:
“If I could speak to one dead famous person I’d pick Dorothy Parker.  I love her writing and wit, plus she had a proven track record of being an interesting lunch companion.
Also, just in case this “speak to the dead” contest is a ruse to get me into a room with a zombie, I think I could take her.  Then again, if Parker found herself in a reanimated state, she could probably cope enough to still be interesting to converse with–after all, she did spend much of her adult life pickled.  I’m betting she’d be less “unnggh, braaaains!” and more “oh, this again.”
As a bonus, if I could get my copy of Enough Rope signed by the author and dated 2012, I would as they say “never pay for another drink again.”  And I think she’d find that deliciously ironic.”

and Sunny, who said:
“My first thought went to historical figures, like Jules Verne as one of the creaters of science fiction. But, realizing that my French skills would not be up to that conversation, I decided on someone who has influenced my sense of humour and perspective on the world. Someone whose lifetime overlapped mine, but who I never had the opportunity to meet. If I could talk to any dead person, for both his humour and his concern for our world, I’d love to talk to Douglas Adams.”

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all of our entrants.  We’ll have more giveaways next month, so keep posted.

More Movie Tickets

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Would you like to see a preview screening of Paranorman (which looks like a lot of fun)?  You’re in luck, because we have a couple of passes to give away.  Each pass is good for two tickets to an advance screening next Wednesday, August 1st, at 7pm at the Yonge & Dundas Cineplex Odeon*.

Want one?  Then tell us:  if you could speak to one dead famous person, who would it be?  Send your email to: contest(at)  bakkaphoenixbooks  (dot) com. We’ll post two winners next Tuesday.

*formerly the AMC Yonge & Dundas


Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Holy Batman, you guys!  We had SO MANY great entries to our ticket giveaway contest.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who took part.  We loved reading your entries.  People chose heroes, villans, minor characters, and one-offs. And Alfred!  We got one-liners, essays, photos and even some archival video.  I wish we had a dozen tickets to give away.  Sadly, we only have two, which are going to:

Kevin, who said:

“My favourite Batman character? Wow. Well, the obvious answer is the simplest. Bruce Wayne/Batman. Why? He’s self-made, resourceful, and he tends to reflect the tenor of the times. Need a self-referential, tongue in cheek, hipster who can dance with the cool kids, while getting all the chicks who happen to have skin tight leather on? (Adam West, thank you for making deadpan delivery cool. Heh.) Check. How about a dark, brooding loner who verges on the edge of obsession and various psychoses , engaging in a perverse kind of self-help which happens to benefit the corrrupt city in which he lives (thank you, Frank Miller, defining & inspiring the Batman pop culture embraces today. Wow, his brain’s something.)? Check. A noble, self-sacrificing modern-day knight, whose moral code inspires and uplifts his peers, even those with more resources and powers than he has (many different creators are responsible for this, which is funny.)? Check.

He’s a character who began in 1939, inspired by Zorro, and will continue to remain popular as one of modern society’s modern-day myths. Little kids know who Batman is, yet so many other smart characters strangely can’t figure it out(ain’t that a hoot?). He will always be there in the zeitgeist, as a role model for many to use as an example of doing what’s right (HaHaHahhahaha. Mff do excuse me). Batman/Bruce Wayne will always be my favourite because WiTHout Him. LIFE JUst wOUldn’t be any FUN. HhahahahhaahhahahahahahhahoooooowoooHahahahHhahaHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHHHHHH”

Andrew, whose entry was:

“Gotta be Alfred. He’s the only thing that keeps the Batman going. I love that Michael Caine’s Alfred served in the SAS then became a butler for the Wayne family. I imagine Thomas Wayne hired him more as a bodyguard than a butler, but the man’s clearly a jack of all trades. It’s interesting that the comic book version was an actor beforehand, but in all iterations he’s a man who could have done pretty much anything he wanted, yet chose to serve the Wayne family. It’s like he knew what was coming early on. Maybe he’s really a scientist from an alternate future without a Dark Knight and went back in time to create him. Wouldn’t that be something?
Also, dear god I need to see this film as soon as possible. Thanks!”

The Dark Knight Rises

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

We’re pretty eager to see The Dark Knight Rises when it opens on July 20th.  How about you?  Would you maybe like to see it early?


If you’d like a ticket to a preview screening on Wednesday July 18th, at the Scotiabank Theatre at 7pm, drop us a line at contest (at) bakkaphoenixbooks (dot) com, telling us who your favourite Batman character is and why.  Is it Bruce?  The Joker?  Alfred?*  Gordon?  You can choose any incarnation of any character.  Be entertaining about it:  you’ll definitely get points for style.

We’ll notify our two winners — and post their entries — on Tuesday July 17th.

*It’s Alfred, isn’t it?

Movie Passes! And Swag!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

We have passes to give away for the upcoming movie Chernobyl Diaries.  Each pass is good for two people, and can be used at any theatre in the Cineplex/Odeon/Galaxy family, starting June 4th.  We’ve also got T-shirts (complete with nuclear hazard trefoil!) too.

Want one?  Drop us a note at: contest(at)bakkaphoenixbooks(dot)com, and name your favourite radioactive mutant.  Monsters, heroes and madmen are all welcome.


The Winnahs!

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Thanks to everyone who entered our Triggers ARC contest.  We enjoyed reading your entries.  Our three winners are:

Sunny, who chose Terminal Experiment:  “…partially because of the Food Food reference and his less than determinist approach to who you end up marrying.”

Charles, who chose Flashforward: “Why? Because I love hard Science Fiction with a philosophical overtone, and Mr. Sawyer’s stories rock!”

Jo, who chose Wake:  “There are very few stories where not only is the protagonist (or one of them) disabled, but she is also competent, resourceful and doesn’t lament what is missing in her life. She’s an excellent role model for disabled youth, and that is definitely a group that lacks role models.”


Something For Nothing

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Hey, we have giveaways!

Next Wednesday, April 25th, Robert J. Sawyer will be at TIFF to talk about the seminal SF movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.  That in itself is pretty cool.  Even better, TIFF sent us three ARCs of Rob’s newest book Triggers to help promote the event.

Want a copy?  Email us at contest (at) bakkaphoenixbooks dot com, and let us know two things:
1) Which of Rob’s books is your favourite (and why)
2) How to contact you.

We’ll pick and post 3 winners on Friday April 20th.  Good luck!


Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

And you know what that means, right?  Groundhogs and hearts, that’s what.  Which means it’s time for our annual Singles Awareness Day Contest!  This year: The Shakespeare edition.

Below you’ll find three Shakespearean quotes about love.  We’d like you to finish them… but not as Will would have.  We’re not looking for you to complete or identify the quote: we want you to use it as a starting point to something completely original. Surprise us! Send your entries to:  contest (at) bakkaphoenixbooks (dot) com.  The winner will receive a box of extraordinary chocolates from Soma.*

Your quotes:
“If music be the food of love…”
“The course of true love…”
“Love sought is good, but…”

Choose a quote, finish it, send it off.  We’ll announce the winner on February 12th.

*Soma is a world-class chocolatier, but they don’t have a nut-free kitchen, so keep that in mind.