This Week’s New Books

September 13th, 2016

Jerusalem, Alan Moore*
Darkest Dark, Chris Hadfield
Empire Of Storms, Sarah J. Maas
King Baby, Kate Beaton
Blood Crime, Sebastia Alzamorà
Sound Of Seas, Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin
Downside Up, Richard Scrimger
Evil Wizard Smallbone, Delia Sherman
Lost Lullaby, Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller
Littlest Bigfoot, Jennifer Weiner
Adventurer’s Guide To Successful Escapes, Wade Albert White
Last Days Of Jack Sparks, Jason Arnopp
Creeping Shadow, Jonathan Stroud
Star Talk, Neil deGrasse Tyson
Zombies On Film, Ozzy Inguanzo
Leave Me Alone, Bera Brosgol
You And Me And The Wishing Tree, Nancy Tillman
Empty Ones, Robert Brockway
Labyrinth Lost, Zoraida Cordòva
Storybrook Knight, Helen Docherty

*Jerusalem is also available as a 3-volume boxed set of trade paperbacks, for the same price as the hardcover

Trade Paperback
Updraft, Fran Wilde
Luna: New Moon, Ian McDonald
All The Things We Leave Behind, Riel Nason
Sleepwalker Tonic, Jason Segel & Kirsten Miller
Dream Of Ice, Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin
Where Am I Now?, Mara Wilson
Beyond The Aquila Rift, Alastair Reynolds
Ash & Bramble, Sarah Prineas
Shattered Empire, Mitchell Hogan
Game Life, Michael W. Clune
Chasing The Phoenix, Michael Swanwick
The Imaginary, A.F. Harrold
Mighty Jack, Ben Hatke
Not So Much Said The Cat, Michael Swanwick
Age Of Heroes, James Lovegrove

State Of Our Renovations

September 12th, 2016

Dear everyone who has lived through our endless renovation project and the ensuing chaos it caused for so long:



Our deepest gratitude to Massimo for his team for doing such a great job, and for giving us back some faith in the construction business as a whole. We’d also like to thank our customers for your patience throughout. Seriously.

Oh, and we want to thank the cops who arrested the first contractor. That may not have fixed any of the problems he caused, but it was pretty damned satisfying nonetheless.

Back-To-School Book Pile

September 6th, 2016

It’s big one, this week.

Gate To Futures Past, Julie E. Czerneda
Almost A Full Moon, Hawksley Workman
Of Sand And Malice Made, Bradley Beaulieu
Prince Of Outcasts, S.M. Stirling
Project Elfhome, Wen Spencer
Span Of Empire, Eric Flint
Mark Of The Plague, Kevin Sands
Bad Little Children’s Books, Arthur C. Gackley
Elite, Mercedes Lackey
The Graces, Laure Eve
How This Book Was Made, Mac Barnett
Papillon, A.N. Kang
Ada Twist, Scientist, Andrea Beaty
Tales Of The Peculiar, Ransom Riggs
Angel Catbird Vol #1, Margaret Atwood

Trade Paperback
Ninth City Burning, J. Patrick Black
Prince Of Hamlet, Victor Pelevin
Thing Itself, Adam Roberts
Women Of Futures Past, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, editor
Pocket Full Of Murder, R.J. Anderson
Walk On Earth A Stranger, Rae Carson
Mostly Void, Partially Stars  Vol #1, Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor
Great Glowing Coils Of The Universe Vol #2, Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor
Chasing Embers, James Bennet
Forsaken Skies, D. Nolan Clark
Thousand Nights, E.K. Johnston
King’s Justice, Stephen R. Donaldson
Masked City, Genevieve Cogman
To Be Or Not To Be, Ryan North
Gods Of Nabban, K.V. Johansen
Invasion, Luke Rhinehart

Mass Market
This Gulf Of Time And Stars, Julie E. Czerneda
Once Broken Faith, Seanan McGuire
Necrotech, K. C. Alexander
Fix, Ferrett Steinmetz
Desert And The Blade, S.M. Stirling
Gatefather, Orson Scott Card
Hell’s Foundations Quiver, David Weber


Labour Day Weekend

September 2nd, 2016
I can hear the Air Show outside. I guess summer vacation really is ending.

Some of us will be at Fan Expo this weekend, selling books for the authors guests. But the store will be open as usual on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in case you want to visit us here.

We’ll be closed on Monday September 5th, though. We like to celebrate the achievements of Labour by not working.


August 30th, 2016

Here’s everything left for your August new releases


Kind Folk, Ramsey Campbell
Spellbreaker, Blake Charlton
Scavenger of Souls, Joshua David Bellin
By Gaslight, Steven Price
High Stakes (Wild Cards), George R. R. Martin (ED)
Things From Outer Space, Hank Davis
Curioddity, Paul Jenkins
Monster On the Road is Me, J. P. Romney
Forgetting Moon, Brian Lee Durfee
Mechanica, Lance Balchin
Vault of Shadows, Jonathan Maberry
A Torch Against the Night, Sabaa Tahir
The Subsidiary, Matias Celedon

Trade Paperback:

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? Paul Cornell

Mass Market Paperback:

Willful Child, Steven Erikson
Germanica, Robert Conroy
Son of the Black Sword, Larry Correia
Eagle in Exile, Alan Smale
The Jersey Devil, Hunter Shea
The Wolves of London, Mark Morris


August 28th, 2016

After a week of the entirely right amount of sun, sleep, and beverages, we’re open today and looking forward to a full calendar this September! We’ve got lots of events to come this fall, so check back often for festivals, debut authors, fan favourites, and more!


August 18th, 2016
This coming week, from August 21st to August 27th, Bakka Phoenix Books will be closed for rest and/or vacation. Normal store hours will resume on the 28th of August.


August 16th, 2016

We’ve got one last batch of new releases coming in before we close down for next week*:

Bera the One-Headed Troll, Eric Orchard
Eterna And Omega, Leanna Renee Hieber
The Gentleman, Forrest Leo
The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy Schumer
Poisoned Blade, Kate Elliott
Invasive, Chuck Wendig
Ghost Talkers, Mary Robinette Kowal
Vicarious, Paula Stokes

Trade Paperback:
Dead to Rights, Ari Marmell
Bell Weather, Dennis Mahoney
Dragon Heart, Cecelia Holland
Lord of the Darkwood, Lian Hearn
Neon Green, Margaret Wappler
Nevernight, Jay Kristoff
Pacific Fire, Greg Van Eekhout
The Rib From Which I Remake the World, Ed Kurtz
Orbs III: Redemption, Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Apocalypse Recon: Outbreak, Paul Mannering & Bill Ball
Angel of Storms, Trudi Canavan
The Obelisk Gate, N. K. Jemisin
Hollow Boy, Jonathan Stroud
The Dark Forest, Cixin Liu
No One Gets Out Alive, Adam Nevill

*we’ll be shut down for a break from the 21st until the 27th, reopening on the 28th


August 9th, 2016
Here’s a few new titles to take on a long quest away from the heat


Playing Dead, Elizabeth Greenwood
Betrayals, Kelley Armstrong
Three Years With the Rat, Jay Hosking
The Last Days of New Paris, China Mieville
Killfile, Christopher Farnsworth
Guns of Empire, Django Wexler
Trade Paperback:
Rig, Jon Wallace
Gleam, Tom Fletcher
The Grace of Kings, Ken Liu
The End of the End, Paul Kane
The Heart Goes Last, Margaret Atwood


August 2nd, 2016

Just a reminder, we have a dispenser full of ice cold water to go with your bakery fresh new releases:

The Great Ordeal, R. Scott Bakker (temporarily sold out, sorry, we’ll get it back in as soon as we can)
Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge, Larry Correia
On to the Asteroid, Travis S. Taylor
The Hike, Drew Magary
Wax, Gina Damico

Trade Paperback:
Wasteland King, Lilith Saintcrow
Whole New World, Liz Braswell
Chimera, Mira Grant
House of Shattered Wings, Aliette De Bodard
Crooked, Austin Grossman
School For Sidekicks, Kelly McCullough
Through Fire, Sarah A. Hoyt
1636: The Chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz, Kerryn Offord, Rick Boatright
The Creeping, Alexandra Sirowy
Map Of Chaos, Felix J. Palma
And Again, Jessica Chiarella
Accident Season, Moira Fowley-Doyle
Foul Tide’s Turning, Stephen Hunt
Mechanica, Betsy Cornwell
Camera Obscura, Lavie Tidhar
Virtues Of War, Bennet R. Coles
Behind The Throne, K.B. Wagers
Hunt For Vulcan, Thomas Levenson
Language Of Dying, Sarah Pinborough
Unholy War, David Hair

Mass Market Paperback:
Death Wave, Ben Bova
End Time, Keith Korman
Bone War, Steven Harper
Twice and Future Caesar, R. M. Meluch
Blood of the Earth, Faith Hunter
Kojiki, Keith Yatsuhashi
An Accident of Stars, Foz Meadows